Celebrating 10 Years!
Quick and easy access to multiple electronic marketplaces for fixed income and futures trading.

A History of Firsts

Perimeter Markets Inc., originally founded as CollectiveBid Systems Inc. in 1999, was approved as Canada's first fixed income Alternative Trading System (ATS) in 2002.

With this approval by the Investment Dealers Association of Canada and an order issued by the Ontario Securities Commission along with other regulators in Canada, CBID Markets Inc. was formed to develop and operate institutional and retail fixed income marketplaces.

In 2001 the CBID Retail marketplace was launched as Canada's first and only live, executable and electronic multi-dealer marketplace operated specifically for the advisors, portfolio managers, investment counselors, traders and discount brokers serving the individual Canadian investor.

In 2002 CBID launched its Institutional marketplace as Canada's first and only live, transparent, anonymous alternative trading system available to both the buy and sell side customers trading Canadian fixed income.

In 2003 CBID Markets Inc. was approved by the Ontario Securities Commission as a Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) and by the Montreal Exchange as an Approved Participant giving institutional clients direct market access to trade Canadian fixed income derivatives.

In 2005 CBID was acquired by Venturion VGI LP venture capital fund (later Perimeter Financial Corp.). In 2006, Perimeter Financial Corp. consolidated its electronic execution businesses under the Perimeter Markets Inc. banner.

Perimeter Financial Corp. and its' wholly-owned subsidiary Perimeter Markets Inc. were acquired by CI Investments in April 2009. 

In 2015, Perimeter Markets Inc. became an independent privately owned Corporation.